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Forest Trees

The Family Tree of Humanity Is In Danger

What's happening to our children?


The unprecedented health crisis among our young threatens the very future of humanity. However, there are solutions if we understand the underlying causes and think outside the box.


With insights from ancient wisdom and the modern science of Epigenetics, we are focused on creating a breakthrough - naturally.

Saving Humanity - One Family At A Time

We CAN transform our children's health and the future of our Family Tree.


- If we think outside the box.

Our Work

Our mission is to help families transform the future of their family tree.  With the best wisdom of our ancestors and insights from modern science, we can learn to thrive and have healthy children in our challenging world.


Additionally, the Family Tree of Humanity is skewed heavily toward data from Europe and North American populations, leaving out most of Earth's people.  This gap is preventing a wider understanding of our ancestry and origins, and is stifling important health research.  This is where we come in.


About Us

My Family Forward is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming our children's health and growing the Family Tree of Humanity.  

Young Family


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