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Our Work

My Family Forward is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the Family Tree of Humanity.  


We have two initiatives to grow our Family Tree:


  1.  Ensuring the Future of the Family Tree of Humanity


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The statistics are shocking:

  • More than 15% of couples are dealing with infertility - and a majority are projected to need fertility support in the coming decades;  

  • Over 40% of children are dealing with chronic health issues;

  • 1 in 30 children are now diagnosed with autism;

  • The average mother has 200-300 chemicals in her breast milk;

  • The average man now has 60% less sperm than his father;

  • Populations are crashing around the planet.


Why is this happening and what can we do about it?  It is URGENT that we reverse these trends to have vibrant, healthy children once more - literally saving humanity as we know it.  There ARE solutions.

If you are interested in learning how you or your children or grandchildren can restore their fertility and have healthy children, helping to ensure the future of your family tree - please take our online class and support our work.


We are launching our online Learning Academy this year to provide extensive education and training of parents and health practitioners in how to have healthy children in a toxic world.  This is one part of our Perinatal Health Renaissance Plan (stay tuned).

 2. 30X30 Initiative

The roots of the Family Tree of Humanity are severely skewed toward North America and Europe populations, leaving out enormous numbers of Earth’s peoples and their precious genetic diversity and cultural wisdom.  This is an enormous problem for several reasons.  


Partnering with underrepresented populations around the world will allow us to expand humanity’s genetic library, increasing humanity’s awareness of our diversity, ancestry, and common unity; solving mysteries of origin; and helping facilitate powerful health breakthroughs.  

Our 30x30 Initiative will bring 30 underrepresented populations into the Family Tree of Humanity by 2030, in the largest initiative of its kind.


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