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It's Time For A Breakthrough

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

The My Family Forward team has a passion for tackling big challenges. There may be no bigger challenge than our children's health, which is heading quickly in the wrong direction according to the statistics.

Do you know families with autistic children? Kids who have to carry epi-pens due to life threatening allergies? Kids with severe asthma, obesity, diabetes, or mental health challenges? How about parents who have had difficulty getting pregnant? These things are becoming so common that it's hard to remember what life was like before them.

However, just because something is common doesn't mean it's normal.

Our Healthy Ancestors

For most of human history, children did not battle any of the health problems that are so ubiquitous today. Further, if they made it past age 5, these kids often grew up to live as long as we do today - typically in good health until the very end of their lives.

There are some powerful insights our healthy ancestors had about having healthy children that are still incredibly relevant today, however we have ignored their wisdom for too long.

The field of Epigenetics has proven that what happens in the earliest phases of our development is pivotal to our potential for health and wellbeing for life; essentially confirming the wisdom of our ancestors.

The Time Is Now

To create a breakthrough, we need to collectively shift our focus back to the earliest, formative phases of life - the period three years before and after birth. However, most research dollars for the last half century have focused on ten diseases that affect us at the end of our lives. My Family Forward is developing a plan to change these trends.

When we support our parents to do prepare themselves to have healthy children, they address their fertility problems at the same time.

Unless something changes soon with current trends, 1 in 2 children could be autistic within a decade, and a majority of couples will be challenged with infertility within two decades. We have to take action NOW to prevent these outcomes and preserve the very future of humanity.

The Future of The Family Tree of Humanity

We may spend lots of time researching our individual family histories; and that is incredibly valuable. But what about the future of your family tree? If we think of our family tree as an actual tree, the roots as our ancestors and the branches as our descendants, there's a good chance that if current trends continue, our future family tree will look like this:

If we can pivot and help our parents give the best of themselves to their children, our family tree can look like this:

It's Up to Us

We spend more on healthcare in the US than any other country, but our health outcomes are often extremely poor. To get different results, we need a new approach. This is our mission.

To help with the critically important cause of our children's (and our species') future, Subscribe, Donate, or stay tuned for one of our upcoming classes.

Thank you - working together, we can make a real difference for our children, and for humanity!

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